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Welcome to Gascony!

The Armagnac Ecomuseum

L’Écomusée de l’Armagnac is the ideal place to discover the richness of the Armagnac terroir.

The visit begins with a stroll between the vines on the nature trail. Then choose the tour formula that suits you, with or without a guide! Discover the know-how of the winemaker and the vine at the Musée du Vigneron. Observe the complexity of the stills and test your sense of smell with the aroma game. The tour ends with a video on distillation. Finally, if you want to unravel the mysteries of Armagnac, embark on the Escape Game “Armagnac: Mission distillation”, an original and jubilant experience with friends or family.

No knowledge of the world of Armagnac is required, but you’ll learn a lot about this heritage!

The Musée du Paysan Gascon

Set sail on a journey to discover the life of other times through houses, craft workshops, agricultural spaces.

The museum offers a visit adapted to families, groups or individual customers.

Also enjoy large open-air spaces, equipped and furnished.

Much more than a souvenir of a visit, the museum organizes animations to immerse you in Gascon traditions, a unique moment to share.

La Ganaderia de Buros

Discover Jean Barrère: Lou Jan dé Buros in his world. The Ganadéria, a genuine courser farm, and the Buros estate welcome you all year round. An unusual, fun and original visit to the heart of Gascon traditions and the Landes race.

With or without a meal, a convivial moment in a group, with friends or family to discover at your own pace the riches of a 100% natural, 100% traditional heritage.

Events are to be experienced throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to ask for the program!