Stroll through its historic center

It’s a journey through time that awaits you in our village.

In its upper part, embark for the Middle Ages with the ancient fortified village.
At the bend of an alley, you’ll appreciate the old washhouse, the manor houses, the arcaded and half-timbered Place de la Mairie.

The Arènes Jean et Gérard Darrigade are the heart of the town during the Cazaubon festivals and host bullfighting shows, witnesses to our Gascon traditions

At the bend in these medieval streets, you can discover the ramparts, which are the oldest walls in the village, rue de la Brèche is the porte d’Uzan, sometimes nicknamed “the door of blood”.

The view, on a clear day, allows you to catch a glimpse of the Pyrenees skyline. One can imagine that the landscape has remained the same since the Middle Ages. Seen from the valley, the city is impressive and appears impregnable.

The Hospice (today Maison des associations) spanned the Porte d’Uzan. Its architecture is typical of the 12th century, with exposed beams and corbels. This establishment played a major role in the organization of the town, receiving pilgrims passing through, as well as the sick and needy. A social vocation that continues today with the presence of the Red Cross and Secours Catholique.

It’s the perfect spot for a great souvenir photo!

Discovering the 7 churches

The richness of Cazaubon’s heritage extends far beyond the old town.

Let’s discover Cazaubon’s 7 Churches.

The Tourist Office offers a self-drive route to visit them.

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Saint-Martin Church

This majestic church is a symbol of the evolution of the town of Cazaubon.

Built in the 19th century, in the neo-Gothic style, it was erected at the instigation of Abbé Ducru. The church’s ambition was not only to accommodate a greater number of parishioners, but also to showcase the town’s wealth.

His tall, strict façade, composed of massive stones, gives it a monumental appearance.

Inside, discover its rich furnishings and luminous stained glass windows depicting the Saints of the Bible.

Try to recognize them!

The Old Church of Cazaubon

The old church of Cazaubon dates back to the Middle Ages.

Located in the historic heart of Cazaubon, the town was organized around this meeting place. The interior of the building reveals superb ribbed vaults and Gothic windows with elaborate curves.

Today, this church is a cultural venue where exhibitions are held.

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