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Water sports at Lac de l'Uby

Lac de l’Uby, a magical 80-hectare lake in the heart of the Uby Valley, is a privileged place.

It will seduce you with both its beauty and the diversity of activities on offer…

At the Lac de l’Uby Leisure Park, during the summer season in July and August, we offer a wide choice of activities on the lake: pedal boats, paddles and canoes.

Take advantage of the aqualudic area with supervised swimming in the pool and lake.

For the pleasure of the little ones, a paddling pool on the pool side, and water games on the park side, will enable them to enjoy the pleasures of water.


Les Canoës de Beaucaire

Nature, pleasure, emotion and heritage are all on offer on the Baïse River: the fresh break of your vacation!”

Board for an original and fun adventure along the water. Whether on your own or with a guide, enjoy a trip with a change of scenery aboard a canoe.

The Baïse, a small river on the plains, will take you along the route once used by gabares transporting grain, wine and armagnac.

Dams every 2 to 3 km form pools of calm water ideal for safe family outings.

Various models available: 2 or 3-seater canoes, 1 or 2-seater kayaks.
Requirements: be able to swim and wear closed shoes.


Navigable as far back as the time of Henri IV, the Baïse, the only navigable river in the Gers, welcomes you aboard the famous “D’Artagnan”.

This time, it’s not the legendary musketeer but a friendly boat that lets you discover a natural, bucolic waterway.
You’ll pass through a lock, repeating the tradition of barges loaded with cereals, wines and other goods from days gone by.

Take part in the discovery cruise, a 1h-1h30 guided walk, to discover the town of Condom in a different way. Gourmets will opt for the 2h-2h30 lunch or picnic cruise.

At the end of the day, come aboard the 1h-1h30 aperitif cruise. A festive, straightforward and convivial cruise to discover the quality of our local produce.